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Tall Timbers is a retreat for travellers and locals in equal measure. Every Thursday, things get particularly exciting in Millers Sports Bar with our Boags Draught Members’ Draw.

Millers Sports Bar

From 7 pm every Thursday

There are multiple opportunities to win and here’s how…

Wines and Jack Daniels in wooden swing cradle on pool table in Millers Sports Bar

The raffle

A group of locals including staff sitting around table with raffle tickets all laid out

Anyone can be in with a chance to win with the Tall Timbers raffle. 

Tickets are sold for $5 for 3 sheets, giving you 15 chances to win one of numerous goodies up for grabs straight from our Thirsty Camel next door. 

Once all the products have been won, there is one last chance for those holding a ticket to win – the wheel.

The wheel

If your number is called for the wheel, you can head on up and spin for your chance to win one of multiple items.

Currently on the wheel, there are free schooners, bottles of wine and the big one; a 1.75L bottle of Jack Daniels in a beautiful wooden swing cradle – worth over $300.

Close up of draw raffle wheel in Millers Sports Bar

There is now double the chance to win the special Jack Daniels cradle with a second tile having been added to the wheel.

Jack Daniels in wooden swing cradle

Thursday Members' Draw

The Members’ Draw can be huge, so register to be in with a chance to win some cold, hard cash.

How to register

To register for the Members’ Draw, you simply need to provide your name, photo ID (driver’s license), email address, and mobile number to our friendly staff at Millers Sports Bar.

Your name needs to be on the register for 7 days before you qualify to win.

Once registered, there are two ways to win the money pool each Thursday. The best way is to be present at the draw. There are pool tables, food, Keno, TAB betting, and plenty of locals to socialise with on the night.

Alternatively, if you won’t be able to make it on the night, you can insure your entry by purchasing a Members’ Draw promotional drink or paying $5 in the days between draws. If you have insured your entry and your name is called, you win 50% of the prize pool.

Be sure to let our staff know if you are purchasing a drink to insure your entry in the draw so we can mark it down.

You can remove your name from the draw at any time, just keep in mind that you will need to wait another 7 days to be eligible should you wish to register again in the future.

Yellow Tail minis

The draw is up to $8K this week!

Cricket playing on TV with sport memorabilia on the wall
XXXX Gold on tap

Promotional drinks list*

$6.40  Boags Draught – pot

$5.50  XXXX Gold – pot

$6.40  Boags St George – pot

$6.50  5 Seeds Cider – stubby

$5.20  Soft drink – 570ml

$6.50  Yellow Tail minis

5 Seeds bottles on bar
Boags St George and Boags Draught on tap
John Dabner calling out winners name with Rylee and Leah looking on

Members’ Draw terms and conditions

  • Any registered member that purchases a Members’ Draw promotional drink from the promotional list can also register to win 50% of the major pool if not present at the time of that weekly draw
  • Members can only register for the 50% of the draw if they purchase one of the promotional drinks
  • A maximum of two drinks per person at any one time will apply to ensure Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • Members can register weekly if they purchase a Members’ Draw promotional drink from the list
  • Members must register on week by week bases and cannot register in advance
  • It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that they register at the point of the purchase
  • The Members’ Draw promotional drink list will be up to the discretion of Tall Timbers Management and will change from time to time
*Prices are current as of January 2023 and may change in the future
Cricket playing on television with cricket banner hanging in foreground
Locals being served at Millers Sports Bar on Draw night
Stack of alcohol goods ready to be given to winners on draw night
John Dabner holding microphone and giving a local their winnings
Selection of Yellow Tail minis

Wednesday, 11 January 2023

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